Updated: Jan 26

The process for businesses can sometimes be daunting when looking to promote their product.

What image do we want to create?

How do we make an impact within our industry?

How do we appeal to customers that may have used similar products and attract them to our quality product range?

What do we do to find that target audience?

The fact is there is not one button you press, it’s a periodical task that develops over time, and one not to be rushed.

We have seen clients and colleagues rush into how they merchandise and market, often having to revisit the promotional photography and design due to time, costing and often not knowing what to do.

So, what can you do to resolve this?

What solution for this problem can be found?

The answer communication, outsourcing, preparation, a realistic timescale, finding the right people for the job and a realistic budget.

Recently we have begun work alongside several professionals, experts in their field.

We have found that those that are responsive, communicative and are willing to say “no that’s a bad idea try it this way” are those that get results.

Hiring a good photographer with experience, excellent visuals and a willingness and understanding to research into your market is vital.

We have found this with Adrian Waine and his second photographer Jakob Wasik.

After a provisional visit to site, a plan of action for shots, revisiting and discussing the project through email and virtual meeting and that under used tool “the phone”, we had a strong time managed image focused plan for our three-day shoot.

Key things to remember:


Truly is vital, your product looking its best, cleaned, or new, your machinery and production staff looking how you wish your business to be reflected, all of these give you the confidence in your business and the images you will gain.


Photography takes time, you may be one of those lucky people that got a quick snap on your smart phone and it has generated much interest and income, this is RARE. Set up of shots, getting lighting correct, editing raw images, resizing, and then sending to the client all takes time, something that needs to be considered. There is nothing worse than your business or product ending up on a social media as an example of a “they should have thought it through” photograph.


There is no point planning

in the middle of production, developing a project and you do not have the product to shoot, being too proactive can cause further expenditure poor images and a bad experience for all involved. You need to clear a least twelve-hour day, so you have flexibility and are willing to stand around a great deal whilst finger prints are removed, lighting being set correctly, it all takes time, good timing, and the willingness to be flexible.

The key to all of this

Know what you want, communicate this appropriately, be willing to pitch in (if you don’t how do you expect to get what you are looking for), and be nice to people, if you care about those you are working with, they will want to do their best, meet timescales, understand budget restrictions and support you in your project.

The sample photographs, reflect all those things, setting up shots, gaining a relaxed atmosphere, working with product and client to achieve the best.

Adrian and Jakob achieved all the above whilst working with VSMM recently, to discuss with us future possibilities and collaborations please contact us, we will be happy to recommend, meet and create the best for you and your product.

It’s simple really who checks the phone book anymore?

· A simple tweet can meet a mass number of individuals.

· A Facebook post with relevant hash-tagged catchphrases and business links can create commercial growth to a business.

· Twitter & Facebook, connect with businesses in REAL TIME.

· Your customer can respond in an instant.

· Your brand presence is developed by reducing the overall cost than that of the conventional marketing approach.

· Vlogging the use of video in marketing boosts conversion rate for a brand by an average 80%.

· 88% of online searches are searches through smart phones.

· Approximately 50% web surfers prefer social media for shopping and reviewing products online.

· LinkedIn drives 2 new members every second.

The answer is the presence of digital marketing and its unmistakable impact is undeniable. Every business should have some form of digital marketing presence, that is kept fresh and updated so that the consumer can see that you are keeping things relevant, update with the news and interested in your consumer.

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