Why manufacturing?



Simply it’s fascinating to me, there is always something new, an innovation, an idea, a project a passion that can

change how people live their lives.


My first experience of manufacturing was at the Science Museum in London, a school trip led us to the robot and

automation area. Here I stayed for the entire trip, watching a machine make paper clips from pp plastic,

as the teacher went to get on the school bus they realised I wasn’t there, and found me three hours later still

at the machine.


How things work is fascinating to me, finding a solution to a problem through creating something or learning more has always appealed, and a belief in the product and process is essential to form an understanding and support a business in what they want to achieve.


Marketing has been neglected in manufacturing, often packaged with sales, supporting and opening a new approach to managing business is essential to achieve a basis, people google, they look at social media, they read blogs, and there is still value in print!


Appearance of your business is vital for prospective investors, stake holders and future customers, how can you be found if you have no digital or editorial footprint?


My approach and that of my colleagues is to provide on going support, building your business and enabling you to have an identity.

I specialise within plastics, recycling, aviation and automation, recently these industries have been a flurry of excitement, engaging minds, provoking protests and leading for the need to change which businesses are addressing.

I can support you on an ongoing basis to build and develop within your industry, creating quality images, bespoke exhibition material, exceptional PR, detailed editorials and engaging social media that others will copy (which they have.)

VSMM is making a difference within manufacturing, if its time for your business to take the positive step forward contact us.



My picture shows that I am prepared for any location, from field to factory.