Collaboration over competition.

Collaboration over competition.

This is something I have discussed for many years.

We all have an element of a competitive mindset, some feel threatened by others experience, knowledge, qualifications, people they have worked for, business connections they have made, some of us including myself prefer to gain from others knowledge, learn, develop, progress, engage and build themselves, so not only can you have greater knowledge in subject matter, but you show that you want to know more.

I work with others that have skills that enhance my own, enabling me to achieve greater results. Designers, photographers, editors of magazines.... I continue to chat to people to find out more about their work, their ambitions and how we can work together to collaborate and achieve greater things.

Is this suitable for all business’s?

Yes! Particularly currently (even more so during a pandemic.)

Many people forget that we all originate from small communities, which grew due to trading with others, bartering, utilising skills to achieve greater things, we have lost a great deal of those qualities. I believe we are “finding” ourselves again in a different way, by opening our doors, sharing knowledge, and guiding one another.

I will share and admit that I have been “stung” in these processes, people stealing clients, (usually due to cost and often false promises made.) Setting high targets and short time schedules to get work, then not fulfilling the directive.

The most frequent one, (until I found people I trusted,) were web developers literally holding hosting hostage to gain more funds.

Not all collaborations work, however if you learn from experience, it’s experience that improves you.

Honesty within manufacturing and business is truly the best policy, we are all interconnected:

Collaboration marketing PR Comms Manufacturing
Collaboration whilst relaxing a positive.

, logistics company, packaging company, delivery driver, warehouse manager, engineer, designer, developer, quality manager, sales team, marketing, client and consumer, the chain moves frequently with one thing in common, we all need one another to succeed.

Manufacturing is the backbone of our country, without it the simplest of things are not achievable, without the farmer there is no grain, without the grain there is no wheat, without the wheat there is no flour, without the flour there is no bakery, without the bakery there is no bread, without the distributor for said bread there are no supplies, without the supplies there is no stock, without the stock there is no consumer!

Is this a time to work together?

Is this something you should have been doing already building collaborations, to enable and manage a chain of supply that will continue and be consistent?

Is this a time to support one another in a way that provides for staff that prepares for the bounce back in industries that are currently struggling?

Is this the time to market appropriately, seek opportunity, and build on what you have?

The answer to all is yes!

If you already were, then your ahead of the game, if you value your product, your process, your team, then marketing, PR, sharing, and preparing should not be shelved, pro activity is paramount even if it is pushed upon you.

I have worked from home for twelve years, is it because I was preparing for the apocalypse?

No, it was for many reasons, achieving more, focus, limited distractions, ability to assure I took care of my health, valuing time when on site with customers to gain the most out of limited time, enabling and establishing good working relationships, by minimising cost or headcount. Creating the best opportunity for customer, client, collaborator, and my small business, that’s personable and provides an open approach to working with others.

Do I know it all?

No I do not, but what I can say is, I want to learn, learn more about industry, learn more about products, learn more about opportunity, and it’s time we all took time to learn, work together without hidden agenda, and enable everyone to achieve.

Marketing and manufacturing, it’s all worth talking about, and believe me more people are taking time to listen.