Why is digital marketing important?

It’s simple really who checks the phone book anymore?

· A simple tweet can meet a mass number of individuals.

· A Facebook post with relevant hash-tagged catchphrases and business links can create commercial growth to a business.

· Twitter & Facebook, connect with businesses in REAL TIME.

· Your customer can respond in an instant.

· Your brand presence is developed by reducing the overall cost than that of the conventional marketing approach.

· Vlogging the use of video in marketing boosts conversion rate for a brand by an average 80%.

· 88% of online searches are searches through smart phones.

· Approximately 50% web surfers prefer social media for shopping and reviewing products online.

· LinkedIn drives 2 new members every second.

The answer is the presence of digital marketing and its unmistakable impact is undeniable. Every business should have some form of digital marketing presence, that is kept fresh and updated so that the consumer can see that you are keeping things relevant, update with the news and interested in your consumer.

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